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Why Smoke with Glass Bongs: the Premium Quality Benefits

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The pipe seems to accompanythe man from the beginning of the day. Hemp, opium, hashish, tobacco or simply aromaticherbs have been burned since ancient times in devices that allowed directinhalation. Currently, pipes are a fundamental part of the cannabis culture,and the existing offer offers a wide range of colours, materials, shapes, usesand types. Knowing which one to choose, when to use it and how to clean, it isvital when you want to indulge yourself in smoking a bud without having to rollit up in a piece of paper.

What is Bong?

In Central Asia from where cannabis originates, there have also been archaeological studies that demonstrate the use of pipes in this continent. That stuff is native to Asia and that Thais call their Baung pipes are antecedents that have led to a productive academic discussion as to whether the origin of the water pipes resulted in bongs or you …