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Six Unique Adult Halloween Costumes That Don’t Suck

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Every year the costume selection for kids changes based on what cartoons, movies, and musicians are popular. Cool, but what about adult costume options? It is pretty much the same lineup each year. Instead of choosing a boring costume that countless other unimaginative people will be wearing go online to find something that will stand out in the very best way.

1.Movie Characters– There are so many amazing movies to choose between. Think of a favorite movie, pick a character, and rock that outfit. Movie costumes are fun pop culture references that provide excellent talking points at parties. For example, if someone doesn’t recognize the costume they will inevitably ask ‘ who are you supposed to be?’. This provides the opportunity to show movie prowess and impress the other party-goers.

2.Walking Food– Don’t knock it before considering it. The banana costume has been popular for over …