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Finding the Perfect Wig according to Hair Type


People try to look their best when they come out in social gatherings. Not only do people wish to look good in gatherings but they try to please themselves. Clothes, shoes, bags, and makeup are the perfect ways to make yourself presentable but there are other natural features that cannot be changed frequently. People, with the help of contact lenses, are able to try newer eye colors but what about our hair? If we feel like going with a short haircut today get a haircut but what if we wake up the next day wanting our long hair back? Well, that is kind of impossible, so what do we do?

The answer to this is to use wigs. Wigs are the new in-trend fashion that is being used by even by the biggest stars. Here is a list of celebrities who wear wigs when they make a public appearance or want a go-to-look with their red-carpet get up.
1. Rihanna: the amazing singer who is a heartthrob is a frequent user of wigs and that is evident when we see her hairstyles and lengths changing with her every day look.
2. Beyonce: Your favorite singer, Beyonce recently uploaded a picture without a wig which featured her short and blond hair, which is not what we see when she makes her appearances.
3. Emma Stone: the very beautiful actress, Emma Stone also wore a wig in her movie, “The Help”.
4. Nicholas Cage: In many film roles, our beloved Nicholas Cage has been seen wearing wigs and he is not ashamed of that.

Now that you have seen so many big stars wearing wigs, you can choose to wear a wig too to give yourself a trendy look without worrying about your actual hair. To choose the perfect wig, you must understand the hair type in which the wigs are available in. There are two hair types available in wigs;
1. Synthetic Hair Wigs:
The first hair type in which you can find the wigs are Synthetic hair wigs. These wigs are created using artificial materials. These can be found in numerous styles, colors, and lengths. The price of these wigs is lesser as compared to human hair wigs.
2. Human Hair Wigs:
The second type of wigs is the human hair wigs. As compared to the synthetic hair wigs, these are costlier. The high price of these wigs is due to the effort along with the time that is needed to collect enough hair so that a wig can be formed.

As compared to the human hair wigs, the synthetic hair wigs have more benefits. The maintenance of the synthetic hair wigs is easier and consumes less time, also these wigs stay in their styles regardless of the weather condition, and these are available in more colors which are not found in human hair.

The hair type is one of the basic or the fundamental factor to be considered when buying the wigs for yourself. Other than the hair type you must consider your cap size, the occasion where you wish to wear the wig in, the time you want to wear it for and so many other factors. But for the beginners, it is important to consider the hair type.

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