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Pros And Cons Of Gas Log Fires


In Australia, gas log heaters are becoming a popular focal point in residential properties. The construction of the fireplace adds elegance and sophistication to the home design. The products operate on propane or natural gas which makes them a superior heating choice. The heaters are better alternatives to traditional fireplaces and don’t require real wood to generate heat. A local distributor provides the non-conventional heating sources with style.

What are the Pros of the Gas Log Heaters?

Push button starters and remote controls are beneficial features that make the heaters appealing. The controls make it easy and convenient to start a fire at any time. The homeowner can set the timer to start at a specific time each day. It also allows the owner to set up a time to shut it down.

A More Realistic Fire and Experience

The ceramic gas logs are created to look more realistic. The products are hand-made and feature knots and glowing ambers to add the ambiance of a real fire. The homeowner can choose from a variety of gas logs based on their personal preferences. Among their choices are beach wood and logs that appear to be charred. The realism of the logs increases the heater’s aesthetic appeal.

What are the Cons of Gas Log Heaters?

The vent-free models require frequent cleaning services to remove residue and buildup inside the heater. Without proper cleaning, the heater could distribute toxins throughout the property.

A chimney is required for a vented heater, and the damper must remain open. The issue with the design is that heat will escape from the heater and flow outside the property. The homeowner will need a fireback to regulate heat within their property.

Each heater selection requires either propane or natural gas to generate heat. The cost of the fuel could fluctuate each year. The expenses could exceed the budgetary restraints for some homeowners.

In Australia, gas log heaters are popular due to their elegant styles and construction. The products generate adequate heat to distribute warm air throughout a residential property. The designs are installed into walls or encased in freestanding styles. Homeowners who wish to learn more about gas log fires can contact a distributor now.