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Vitamins And The Great Benefits You Get From It

Vitamins are need by the body in order for it to serve a lot of important pupose. But there are a lot of people that are not sure on what are the benefits that they can get from vitamins. That is the reason why this article will provide you with a list of the five super benefits that vitamins can provide to your body.

1. Healthy vision – in order to have healthy vision, you will need to take Vitamin A and vitamin B2. If you do not take enough of these vitamins, then you might have a chance of suffering a number of health issues with your vision. If you have a deficiency in these vitamins, then you will be having the medical condition which is called the night blindness which would not allow you to see in the dark.

2. Health growth – there are a number of B-complex vitamins that is needed in order to produce new cells for the body. You will need the vitamins B9 and B12 for your body to create the RNA or ribonucleic acid and DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid. The instructions that are needed for the creation of the new cells can be found on the essential genetic information on both the RNA and DNA. If you have a deficiency on these vitamins, then you will have a chance to develop some growth problems.

3. Wound healing – in order for you to heal your wounds properly, you will need to have vitamins K, vitamin B5, and vitamin C. There are now a lot of studies that show how vitamin B5 can contribute to the proper healing of a wound. While the creation of the connective tissue collagen that is essential for the healing of any type of wound is assisted by vitamin C. And vitamin K is important for your blood to properly clot. You will have a problem of properly healing your wounds if you have a deficiency on these vitamins.

4. Strength of the bones – your body will be able to crate healthy and strong bones with the help of vitamin A and vitamin D. If you have a deficiency on these vitamins, then you will most like be facing a lot of bone related medical conditions like the swelling of the bones that will lead to fracture called rickets, and the reduction of the density of the bones known as osteoporosis.

5. Strong immune system – if you take in the right amount of vitamin B-complex, then you will have a stronger immune system. Vitamin C can help your body produce the white blood cells that will be fighting the infections and viruses.

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