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The Fashionable and Fun Ugly Christmas Sweater Craze

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It may be the most wonderful time of the year, and Christmas time surely does bring out the best. A lot of people will go to prospective parties and shindigs around December. There will probably be some sort of real or fake tree, sets of lights, a wreath hanging on the door and a good old fashion ugly Christmas sweater being worn by someone that Aunt June made them 25 years ago.

These commemorative sweaters were almost like a rite of passage for a lot of people, especially during the 1980’s. People received them and would have to disguise the horror that someone thought it was a grand idea to make one. The phrase, “Well go ahead and try it on!” only strikes fear into the person having to please Aunt June. As soon it is on and snuggly around the frame of person, Aunt June requires a big kiss …